The case studies are now available! Click on the case study names in the table below to access them or on the competences addressed to find out more about the IAG fundamental competences that were analysed through them.

Case Study TitleCompetence AddressedDeveloped By
Ahmed and Autonomy - Re-thinking Roles, Relationships and Mindsets Integrate theory and research into practice Ciofs-FP
Mila’s Story - Creativity, Enterprise and Innovation Undertake career development activities City of Tampere
Granger’s Story - Personal Employability Skills Conduct and enable assessment Rinova
The Young Fish - Working Together and Communication Develop and deliver career learning programmes Eurocircle
Self Management For Guidance Practitioners - A Fine Balancing Act Manage own caseload and maintain user records Ballymun Job Centre
The Story of Tareq and Zaim - Flexible Frameworks for Learning and IAG Design and implement strategies for career development Metropolisnet
Copenhagen Youth Project – Long-term Joined-up Approach Engage with Stakeholders Rinova