United Kingdom

Rinova Limited

RINOVA Ltd is proficient in EU project development,  in forming and managing small-scale and large-scale partnerships and is driven by a desire to improve the life-chances of young adults. Its participation in ESFA and London’s Talent Match project has enabled strong links with London’s youth agenda, fostered an effective practice approach and capabilities in coproduction and fostering a ‘journey of change’ for young adults and organisations supporting them through IAG.


The City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services

The City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services (founded in 2009) is one of Finland’s largest public employment services located as a specific unit in Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness Services. It bring to the partnership expertise in coaching (for integration), entrepreneurship and takes part in experimental projects such as to build efficient, customer-orientated services – creating new models of partnership between local actors. In terms of Guide2, TCEGS bring expertise in piloting innovation, co-design, co-production and co-delivery of employability services, including building enterprising skills and entrepreneurship.



Eurocircle is an association that develops European projects and promote European citizenship and values in the Provence region. Dedicated mainly to youth, it allows for the mobility of young people in Europe in volunteerism or internships in order to promote non formal education as a means to facilitate social and professional integration. Eurocircle is also coordinator and partner in different EU projects whose aims are to train, form and update professionals with new and transnational methods and tools in the areas of inclusion, employment, sport, culture and citizenship. As an EDIC, Eurocircle is also the main EU representative in Provence region and dedicates time to inform and advice citizens on EU institutions, policies, programmes, rights and obligations.



METROPOLISNET is a European Network (EEIG), an experienced partner on EU-projects and brings to Guide2 extensive expertise in building networks around key topical themes. Due to its network nature MetNet has expertise dissemination. Located in Berlin local a focus on building local partnerships includes adult education and social inclusion providers, e.g. Röntgen School, an integrated comprehensive school, in the district of Neukölln. This is specifically relevant in terms of bringing to the project effective practice models e.g. the multi-family therapeutical approach being used at the interface between education and work.


Ballymun Job Centre

BALLYMUN JOB CENTRE established in response to a chronic unemployment and social exclusion problem, BJC has developed a reputation in provision of client-centred career-guidance IAG and employability skills development of those facing multiple and complex barriers to social inclusion, mobility and sustained employment. It has extensive experience and demonstrable impact of designing and developing innovative responses to ‘market failure’, including Internet (web-based) guidance tools.



CIOFS-FP is a non-profit organisation with strategic priorities and an holistic approach to education focused on young adults and social inclusion. It is located in 12 Italian regions with longstanding experience in the development and management of EU projects many of which meets their promotion of innovation in priority topics (the National Board of CIOFS-FP). CIOFS-FP|’s credentials in QMS standards and compliance in Adult Education brings key capabilities to the project’s high-quality production of learning resources and a quality assured approach to the CoP and ALS approach .