Guide2.0 aims to improve Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) practice by creatively developing key competences as identified by Cedefop. It is targeted to those IAG Guidance and Employability Practitioners who are facilitating the progression of young people, especially those who are under-served by the current system, facing complex barriers and experiencing disadvantage as a result.

Guide2.0 is shaped by and benefits from the effective practice and lessons learned from predecessor projects ‘Good Guidance Stories’ and ‘Good Guidance Stories Plus’ and builds upon this EU-wide theme of work by:

  1. Forming a virtual Community of Practice to extend and develop IAG & Employability Practitioner Competence; facilitate personal and professional development through innovative peer-to-peer learning exchanges, and production of Case Studies as effective continuing professional development tools.
  2. The Community of Practice drawing upon experience, insight and new ways of working to improve ‘the system’ and adapt to the new challenges brought about by the changing nature of society and the ‘world of work’.
  3. Using Action Learning Sets as a method for increased innovation capability and learning innovation.
  4. Setting out the value of the ‘Co-production Agenda’ to address the need for local application of effective practice models that are co-designed in partnership with young people.
  5. Using Participatory Appraisal as a facilitated approach to enable sharing, development and analysis of the ‘current situation’ as experienced by young people themselves.

Guide2.0 will add to the existing portfolio of eight Case Studies by producing seven brand-new Case Studies: Personal Employability Skills, Self Management, Working Together and Communication, Creativity, Enterprise and Innovation, Flexible Frameworks for Learning and IAG, Long-term Joined-up Approach, and Re-thinking Roles, Relationships and Mindsets.