Guide 2.0 French Multiplier Event

The Guide 2.0 French Multiplier Event was about presenting Guide 2.0 project and results to a class of adults VET learners, in CPD to become heads or directors of social or medical structures. They are all working in those fields as employees and they are willing to upgrade. Eurocircle is delivering each year a class for this VET course in English about project management, European institution, European grants panorama, European projects and how they can use European grants to develop their structures / practice. In the afternoon the event was open to other users of the VET school in order to open the GUIDE2.0 results to other beneficiaries such as youth workers, staff from university, associations etc.

After presenting the time line of the project, we went through each production, remembering some learners that they participated almost 2 years ago into our field investigation to produce the methodological concept, then we logged in on the platform and navigate with them around the 3 courses. Then a practical workshop with the 7 new case studies.  And the  speech of our Regional director of the 32 youth centres of Provence who is involved since Guide Plus in order to strengthen the fact that CPD in youth work is key and the case study method a real tool to engage with workers and to reflect and think all together on a horizontal way. 10 people participated in each session,

The feedback from the event recognised how important and useful it is to gather and discuss and find solutions in a COP and to meet with others and talks about the situations they have in order to ask questions and search for solutions. Some of the attendees were already part of a COP with different other structures. They were saying also that having a COP successfully running in face to face is definitely not the same as online when people are speaking a language that is not the mother tongue. In that case, the entire role the facilitator needs to change when it is online.