From Peer to Peer – Guide 2 UK Online Event

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The Erasmus+ funded Good Guidance Stories – From Peer to Peer event is an opportunity for you to find out about the benefits of developing and using case studies as continuing professional development and service improvement tools

  • Exchange of Peer-led Practice
  • Shared Learning through a Community of Practice
  • Access to FREE Continuing Professional Development Resources
  • Live talks on the BENEFITS of Peer-led Learning
Who will benefit most from attending?
  • Information, Advice and Guidance Practitioners
  • Employability Practitioners
  • Youth Workers
  • IAG/Employability Service Managers
  • Youth Work Managers
About this Event

Rinova is delighted to invite you to the Good Guidance Stories 2.0 online event, which shares the practical resources developed through the ‘Guide’ project. 

Guide provides a high-impact continuing professional development opportunity for Information, Advice and Guidance and Employability Practitioners and Service Managers. At the event you can speak with and learn first-hand from practitioners involved and find out more about:

  • A UNIQUE online learning platform designed by IAG and Employability Practitioners from across Europe.
  • How to access a suite of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT case studies as learning tools that can be used individually or with a team of colleagues.
  • How EMPLOYABILITY SERVICES can be significantly improved through inclusion techniques such as the Participatory Appraisal empowerment approach.
About the Project

Information, Advice and Guidance and Employability services are undergoing change, resulting in complex demands made on Practitioners and Service Managers. Demands from society and changes to the workplace call for the need for continuing professional development to demonstrate relevant competences are in place so that high quality outcomes are achieved.

Good Guidance Stories focuses upon how to professionalise career guidance from a practitioner-led point of view by developing real-life Case Studies as learning tools. Each of the Case Studies have been developed and reviewed through a Community of Practice. All align with the European ‘Professionalising Career Guidance’ Competence Framework:

  • Practitioner Skills and Values
  • Working with Clients and Systems
  • Networks, through Foundation, Client-interaction and Supporting Competences.

Every one of the Case Studies considers the complex context and conditions of the IAG/Employability Practitioner and Service Provision.

What you will gain by attending
  • An in-depth understanding of how Case Studies can be used as a continuing professional development tool for individual self-paced learning, or for team development.
  • Access to a FREE online learning programme designed by and for IAG and Employability Practitioners.
  • An opportunity to link with an established Community of Practice and those who have gained first-hand experience of developing and using the Case Studies as CPD Tools.
Event Agenda
  • 11:00   Welcome (Julie Parish, Principal Development Manager, Rinova)
  • 11:10   Engaging with Stakeholders (Stephen Griffith, Project Director, Copenhagen Youth Project)
  • 11:20   Peer-to-Peer Learning (Jason Ault, Project Officer, Rinova)
  • 11:30   The Discussion Rooms                       
    • Room 1 – Community of Practice – the benefits of peer exchanges and peer-led learning
    • Room 2 – Online learning – a journey of change for practitioners
    • Room 3 – Case Studies – developing and using them as learning tools
  • 12:00   Highlights from the Discussion Rooms
  • 12:20   Closing Remarks and Observations
  • 12:30   End

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