Reflections by a COP Member

I have been using the guide 2.0 platform since its inception. I have found this platform extremely useful as a practitioner as it has allowed me to reflect on my own professional practice. It has facilitated my professional development through the use of developing my own competencies, giving me enhanced information to guide my practice and has allowed me to put myself in the position of other guidance practitioners in reading and experiencing their own cases from a multitude of perspectives. Also, something that has really proved invaluable has been the community of practice. This online community of professionals has allowed me access to other specialist IAG and guidance professionals in one forum, this has led to the sharing of ideas, best practise and general support within my professional role. It has also allowed for a free flow of information and support through practitioners using the forum. Having the opportunity to be selected to be a part of an action learning set paired with Italian practitioners has facilitated new thinking processes and has given an opportunity for a fully rounded perspective on tackling issues within IAG and sharing European wide best practice.